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If experience and good reputation matters to you when it comes to carpet cleaning in Fulham SW6, then don't hesitate to call us. We are the area cleaners that will provide superb results to your house. Even if it's a seriously soiled carpeting or a small rug which requires treatment, our knowledgeable professional technicians are the right people for every cleaning task. If you wish to lower your expenses and get premium quality of results get in touch with us on phone number for a quick quote.

If you need to have your carpets and rugs cleaned in Fulham , all you have to do is contact us at 020 3746 3153 and get info on our newest deals. Our cleaning team is there to suit your needs on a flexible schedule every day of the week.

Experienced Carpet Technicians in SW6 Fulham

Carpet Cleaning Company Fulham

The explanation for our persistent high standard of results in all areas of domestic cleaning is our dedication to your satisfaction. Our exceptional carpet cleaning is resulting from a crew of competent rug specialist who boast extensive training and full professional qualification. Through the years we have formulated our tried-and-tested steam cleaning method. It enables us to deliver great clean outcome for each customer.

  • Advanced Tools and Solutions - We operate with the newest gear and aids in the carpet cleaning business. This enables our experts to provide perfect results for every job. Seriously soiled or used parts, set-in grime or hard to clean stains are eradicated.
  • Firm Company Treatments - We follow a number of methods and procedures to be sure you have a clean carpet whenever you hire us. As time passes we have enhanced and developed our hot vapor carpet cleaning method to achieve full client satisfaction.
  • Greatest at Stain Removal - Our area rug cleaners are quite reliable when it comes to treating stubborn staining on various fabric kinds. That is certainly something we are especially proud for. We get down to action and in a majority of cases old, deeply set-in spills disappear with just a few treatments.
  • Toxin Free Cleaning Remedies - It's our business decision to work with chemical free detergents whenever and wherever possible. We care for your good health, our local community and the planet.
  • Rapid Drying Times - You can walk around your home freely because we are going to provide you with a pair of overshoes. Expect your carpet to be completely dry in 2 to 3 hours if the weather is warm. However, we are able to set up industrial air-movers.

What Services Do We Offer?

Steam Carpet Cleaning in FulhamClean Carpets Fulham SW6 is the greatest professional company not just for helping you clean up and restore the initial looks and feel of your floor fabrics. We also offer great number of essential cleaning services for the whole home or office. Here are just a couple of our specialised clean-up and care procedures:

  • Hot Water Extraction
  • Dry Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Mattress Sanitising
  • Leather Cleaning and Care
  • Scotchgard Stain Blocker

How Do We Clean Carpets

Every significant company has something, which makes it totally different from the others. In our case that is our proved seven step cleaning method, that gives remarkable cleaning results every time.

  1. We won't begin cleaning, before detailed inspection of your floors in an effort to notice even the smallest stubborn stain or seriously soiled area
  2. To make sure we'll clean your carpeting without leaving behind an area unattended, we will relocate all the home furniture.
  3. Before we get started with the actual cleaning we make test for colour fastness and pick the best detergent.
  4. After pre-testing we treat heavy traffic areas along with old persistent marks and unsightly stains.
  5. We utilize the perfect cleaning approach for your kind of carpet or rug - hot vapor or dry cleaning are one of the most common methods.
  6. We groom your carpet's pile after cleaning up to be able to achieve gorgeous, the same as new appearance.
  7. The final touch - we put on deodorizing product for a fresh finish to our cleaning treatment.

When someone asks us what is actually the key of the remarkable cleaning outcomes we get each time our answer always is: advanced tools and the best crew of specialists in the industry! The machines and aids we work with, coming from Prochem are superior technological innovation, allowing us to perform at our best. Our Fulham team of professional cleaners is educated, experienced and highly qualified by the requirements of the industry. Employing us, you will have a piece of mind and put all the work in our professional hands.

Take a quick look at our customer reviews so you can be 100 % sure of our ability to deliver excellent services!

Our Fulham Technicians Expect Your Call

Give us a call on 020 3746 3153 and get the best carpet cleaning service for your home in Fulham.

We'll be satisfied to answer with a competing, absolutely Free Price Quote and expert solutions for your specific needs. Alternatively, you can request a request via our request-a-service on-line form.

In case the moment has come for the annual carpet and rug cleaning, there is certainly no-one better to go to than Clean Carpets Fulham.Our team delivers exceptional results at very affordable prices. If you want to clean a couple of items such as blinds, mattresses or area rugs, consider that you can get a discount by booking several treatments.


Book your carpet cleaning on 020 3746 3153 and save 10% on the price.

Carpet Steam CleaningDry Carpet Cleaning

Lounge (12x12 feet)£27£29

Lounge (12x12 feet)£29£47

Dining room (12x12 feet)£27£29

Dining room (12x12 feet)£29£33

Hallway (10x4 feet)£13£14

Hallway (10x4 feet)£15£17

Staircase (Up to 14 steps)£27£29

Staircase (Up to 14 steps)£29£43

Bedrooms (10x10 feet)£22£25

Bedrooms (10x10 feet)£23£30

2 Bedroom House£109£125

Bedrooms (15x15 feet)£25£39

3 Bedroom House£129£148

Bedrooms (15x15 feet)£25£44

Rug cleaningPrice depends on Size & Condition

Rug cleaningPrice depends on Size & Condition

Upholstery Steam CleaningDry Upholstery Cleaning



Two-seater Sofa£33

Two-seater Sofa£66

Three-seater Sofa£39

Three-seater Sofa£78

Additional sofa seat£13

Additional sofa seat£26

Dining chair£7

Dinning chair£23

Steam Curtains & MattressesDry Curtains & Mattresses

Half length pair of curtains£19

Half length pair of curtains£66

Full length pair of curtains£24

Full length pair of curtains£99



Stain ProtectionBio Insecticide

Per room£16

Per room£7

Per seat£10

Per seat£3

Spot treatment with professional detergents is included in the price.
* Please note that minimum charges apply for both carpet & upholstery steam cleaning, but in certain cases we can overlook the minimum charge. Call us now for more information or enter our Live Chat!


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